Contract Manufacturing

We are proud to work on projects for and in conjunction with many well know international corporations in the medical and industrial fields as well as aerospace and defense contractors.

Our modern manufacturing facility in the U.S. North is outfitted with multiple Solid Works 3D-Design stations, latest machining software as well as 5-axis CNC equipment, computer controlled injection molding machines and Rapid prototyping capabilities. Tools, fixtures, and controllers for Laser welding, GOLD soldering and assemblies are designed and built at our facility. We pride ourselves with the ability to start a project and idea and finish the part, assembly, device, etc. completely in house.


IEC is now offering fast turnaround in-house Rapid Prototyping either directly from your “stl” file, or your/our design layout.

This creates major opportunities for all customers to make sure the new component or complete assembly will perform as needed, without wasting a lot of time and money.


To differentiate ourselves from competitors and avoid their issues of Communication, Lead time delays, Quality concerns and all other problems that usually occur between the Designer, Mold maker and the Injection Molder, we offer all those services in-house under one roof. IEC is offering High-Tech software controlled mold making services as well as completely finished, molded parts and assemblies.

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