CCD Repairs & Sales

In 2002 IEC established its electronics department for CCD camera repair and connector assemblies. Since the beginning, IEC has successfully repaired thousands of CCD’s for our customers and our own inventory. Models repaired include all Olympus® series large and small diameter CCD. Our success is unmatched and a benchmark for the industry.

New Design

In an effort to make a better and more functional product and serve the requests of our loyal customers, IEC has developed a new design for our small diameter CCD's and repairs. This new design significantly reduces the diameter of the harness creating more room for other parts. This gives the CCD the ability to angulate and move with less stress on the camera than ever before.

CCD Repair Specifics

  • FREE EVALUATION: IEC does not charge to evaluate the condition of your CCD. After the evaluation, an IEC representative will contact you with our findings. You will only be charged if the approved repair is successful.
  • All successfully repaired CCDs have a 120 day warranty.
  • We repair the following:
    • Olympus® 100/130/140/Q140/160/Q160/PCF-160AL/180/190/etc.
    • Olympus® Small Diameter, including BF-180, CYF, and LF series
  • Shipping to IEC Instructions: Send us your CCD complete with wire harness and objective inside the antistatic bag. Remove CCD from distal head and de-solder from connector/hub/pins.

CCDs For Sale

In addition to CCD repair, IEC also has a large inventory of CCDs for sale. All CCDs carry the 120 day warranty. Inventory changes daily. Please call us for availability.

All CCD’s shipped from IEC are inside a sealed static shield bag accompanied with pictures showing proper focus and no defects. Our custom made Q.C. device with attachment can also be purchased (Call us for details).

Olympus® video (EL) Hub/Connector Repairs

In addition to CCD repair, IEC also repairs Olympus® video (EL) hub/connectors.

  • Olympus® video hub/connector repair available for 160/180 series.
  • Repair exchange and purchase of Olympus® video hubs/connectors (all 100/130/140/160/180) available as well.

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